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Rust Belt - Jessica Freely I could not put this book down! All of the complaints I had in Hero were addressed here. I loved the representation of PTSD and that it wasn't presented as something easily fixed. I loved the slow way Seth and David worked through Seth's issues sexually and otherwise. The fight scenes at the end were very gripping and incredibly dark.

My only complaint was the final fight scene, between Seth and David. I thought drugging Seth with an unknown drug was psychologically taking an easy way out. I think it would have been far more compelling and conflicting to see Seth in captivity for longer, slowly worn down to the state where he could fight David, or felt he had to fight David. Having him drugged into not recognizing David seemed like an easy way out. Of course, that would have made an already very dark book even darker, but I think it would have made for a much more gripping conflict for me as a reader.

Overall I was very pleased by this book: I'm always happily surprised by how Jessica Freely tackles such tough issues in her fiction and presents them with care and compassion, and the sex really is top notch. I hope we see more of Seth and David sometime!

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