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Gold Digger - Aleksandr Voinov If you're into suit porn and high powered business men, Aleks Voinov understands your kink and wants to make you very very happy. If it's not your kink, the sex is still great and the leads are still charming. Great to see a romance set in Canada, especially one starring a First Nations hero, although I wish we got to see a little more of how Henri's race and identity impacts his life. However, I can't complain because it's a billion times better than most portrayals of Native men in romance, where they're stuck in a romanticized noble savage past or they turn into bloody werewolves all the time. Henri is a modern man who lives in the modern world, and that's a rare and needed thing.

I think the people who are going to like this most, though, will be existing fans of Special Forces, which this story (I'm to understand) ties into. If you're a newbie like me, you'll still find something to enjoy, but I have a feeling those fans are going to get the most out of this book. To which I say: have at it!

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