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Bomber's Moon - Alex Beecroft Ugh I cannot describe how much I loved this book. It's everything I enjoy in an urban fantasy: it's funny, it's smart, it's quirky, there's a genuine sense of danger and wonder in the paranormal parts, it's got really strong leads (GOD do I love Ben) and a wonderfully well developed sense of place. The ensemble cast is brilliant: I love every single character, and would happily read more about ANY of them.

The romance was fantastic: the tension between the leads was perfect, there was genuine conflict in the way of their relationship, the UST was off the charts. It's a little bit enemies (or adversaries, maybe?)-to-lovers in the way they treat each other, which is one of my favourite tropes.

The cliffhanger was pure, glorious torture, and the sign of an incredibly skilled author. I not only cared deeply about Ben and his fate, but the tension and horror leading up to his fate was ratcheted high enough that my heart was pounding, which doesn't happen often for me in books.

I would happily re-read this over and over and over again. Basically, I can't gush enough.

Sadly, I can't review this book outside of the context of its sequel, which I really didn't like at all, although I can't say it was necessarily BAD, it just was the exact opposite of what I as a person want to read. But this book? Ace. Absolute ace.

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