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Dogfighters - Alex Beecroft Didn't live up to the promise of the first book. Not even remotely.

While the first book was quirky and misfit and everything I love in fantasy, the second book was everything I hate: namely, dragons. I hate them. I hate our culture of dragons. I hate the sense of humour surrounding dragons. I hate the gold hoarding you-are-crunchy-and-taste-good-with-ketchup THING. I don't like epic battles, either, and this book has a BIG one, and a LONG one.

Also, the UST developed so torturously over the span of the first book? Is never consummated in this one. I suppose if you're a fantasy reader vs. a romance reader, this fact might not bother you, but it bothered me a LOT. I don't mind books that don't have sex in them, or books that have very little sex, but if you establish a sexual arc, I do expect a follow-through, and I didn't get one here. In fact, the only sex scene here is basically a fade-to-black rape scene, which is a little offputting, in hindsight.

However, there's still good about this book. The characterization (other than the dragons, who I am biased against--hey, maybe dragon lovers will find them hilarious and enjoyable) is still wonderful and compelling and nuanced. Ben is still interesting and funny and just wonderful to read and go on a journey with. The resolution of the love-triangle is completely satisfying to me as a reader, and frankly I don't understand why Samhain called this ending "bittersweet", because it's really not. Unless of course "bittersweet" to you means "everybody in the book isn't in a relationship at the end". Ben and Chris DO get together in the end, which to me is what matters, so IDK.

Basically, for me this book failed because it wasn't the book *I* wanted to read, not necessarily that it was badly written. It's not. It's incredibly competent and funny and well-thought-out, but it's not to my tastes.

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