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Catching Kit - Kay Berrisford On one hand I really loved this book, on the other I found it kind of frustrating.

Why I loved it:

- Great chemistry between the leads. I felt like there was genuine conflict. The banter was fun, and I loved the way the captor/captive dynamic worked at the beginning, although I'd have preferred Kit to be a bit more of a trickster.
- Denny's relationship with his ex wife and daughter was really wonderful.
- I liked the world building quite a bit, and loved the representation of Elves as being sort of a mix of the Christmas-variety
- Crossdressing

Why I found it frustrating:

- The resolution at the end was super rushed and resolved in an epilogue, when I was expecting (and hoping for!) a sequel
- The crossdressing was kind of incidental, not really incorporated into the story all that well. It was a nice kink, but that's all it really was. The story would have been the exact same without it.
- It felt a little too much like soulmates-fall-in-love-in-two-days for me. Other than their tastes in music and ladies underwear, I didn't really get the sense that the characters knew each other.

All in all, a fun, light urban fantasy romp with a genuine British sensibility, but a little too thin on plot and characterization to quite work as well as it could have. And it needed a sequel, not an epilogue.

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