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Forbidden Love - Stormy Glenn, H.C. Brown The first story was just silly and unrealistic. It's been a couple of weeks and all I really remember is "No cowboy would ever act like this."

The second had me rolling my eyes nearly every paragraph. I kid you not, it included the line "they fell in love quickly". Oh, okay, good we got that established. The misogynistic "solution" to the conflict was stomach churning, and the lead character was the m/m romance version of the whiny prince from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. At least there was lots of sex, although that's really not saying much.

Just starting the third now, which is set in Japan, but I don't have high hopes. We'll see how Aleks Voinov manages to finish us off.

Basically, even though none of these time periods are my specific area of expertise and thus I can't speak to the exact quality of the research, there's an overall sense of inauthenticity to the stories. They don't feel historical to me. There's no love of history in them, no care for the nuances of the past. I never once felt challenged or transported. It's all lazily dashed together window dressing, and overall I have the sense that the editor of the anthology really has no interest or passion in history themselves.

This may well work for you if you're strictly an m/m fan looking for a little bit of a taste of a costume-drama past, but if you care about history, I'd skip it.

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